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In Home Care Services

In Home Services for Daily Living

Home Help Companions is the answer to independence for seniors. Whether the services are for you or a loved one. Home Help Companions can offer help to family caregivers and help extend and enhance living at home as a safe and comfortable alternative to institutional living without the stress of interrupted routines and changes in daily habits.


While Home Help Companions cannot replace the love and support of an elderly person’s family, our caregivers provide helpful and necessary services needed to brighten the day, lighten the workload and ensure peace of mind. Our caregivers can do a lot, examples of our home services include:

  • Companionship & Conversation
  • Medication & Appointment Reminders
  • Meal Planning, Preparation & Clean up
  • Light Housekeeping, Laundry & Ironing
  • Escort to Appointments, Lunch or Dinner
  • Provide a Stable Bathing Environment
  • Oversee Home Deliveries & Maintenance
  • Clothing Selection & Dressing Assistance
  • Assist with Pet Care
  • Assist with Walking
  • Monitor Diet, Eating & Food Expirations
  • Care of House Plants
  • Prepare Grocery List
  • Drop Off/ Pick Up Dry Cleaning
  • Airport Assistance
  • Organize Mail, Bills & Letters
  • Plan Visits, Outings & Trips
  • Visit Neighbors & Friends
  • Maintain Client Calendar
  • Morning / Bedtime Care
  • Attending Religious Services
  • Take Out Garbage
  • Change Linens & Make Beds
  • Pick up Prescriptions
  • Grocery & General Shopping
  • Answer the Door or Telephone
  • Prepare Future Meals
  • And Much, Much More…

In-Home Dementia Care

Care for Dementia Patients

Dementia is a progressive loss of mental function due to certain diseases that affect the brain. The losses can be substantial. Over time, all types of dementia will lead to loss of memory, loss of reasoning and judgment, personality and behavioral changes, physical decline, and death. But the course dementia takes can vary widely from person to person. It's influenced by many factors, including age and other conditions a person may have.


The Dementia Caregiver

No matter when you get the news that a loved one has a painful or terminal condition, it's a shock. We offer one on one, person-centered care with a goal of maximizing a patient's quality of life. To achieve this, our dementia care team attends to physical, emotional, social, and spiritual quality of life, for the family as well as for the patient. Change is difficult for dementia patients and familiar surroundings can help.

In mild dementia, people may have difficulty remembering words and names, learning and remembering new information, and planning and managing complicated activities such as driving. Our caregivers can transport clients to doctor’s appointments, grocery shopping and more. They may also be experiencing sadness, anxiety, loss of interest in once pleasurable activities, and other symptoms of major depression. Our caregiver can offer the socialization needs to ease many of these concerns.

In moderate dementia, judgment, physical function, and sensory processing are typically affected. This can cause problems with personal hygiene, inappropriate language, and wandering. When your loved one is able to get around but has poor judgment or is physically and emotionally challenging, we can help.

In Home Hospice Support

Hospice services provide many very useful services for families, but are limited to The time and duration they are in the home. Hospice may only visit patients one To three days a week to provide thorough care and additional care support may be Needed or desired to care for your loved ones during their absence. Our Caregivers can interact with the patient and perform some variation of the tasks of the hospice aides and much more, such as:

  • Shower, tub bath, or bed bath
  • Shaving of the patient
  • Dressing of the patient
  • Washing hair of the patient
  • Combing hair of the patient
  • Oral care or denture care for the patient
  • Help with toileting or incontinent care
  • Nail care for the patient
  • Back rub/massage care
  • Transferring from bed to chair or chair to bed
  • Assistance with ambulating (walking)
  • Range of motion exercises
  • Light housekeeping to include changing of bed linens and laundry

In Home Post-Surgical Assistance

HHC offers supportive Post-Surgical care under the direction of our Registered Nurse. Our focus is to promote a positive patient experience by partnering with the patient, family and other health care providers to provide excellence in customer service and assistance with daily living activities and comfort measures. Assists other health care providers with safe, age appropriate and culturally aware care by performing basic patient care functions, such as ADL’s, ambulation, vital signs, simple treatments, dressing changes, as needed, transporting patient to and from the doctors office, follow up visits and medications pick up.


In Home Physical Disability Support

A physical disability limits your ability to move, or affects your body in some way, such as a spinal injury, arthritis or cerebral palsy. Some physical disabilities are genetic, while others might be caused by an injury or illness.

If you or a loved one is affected by a physical disability, you may require a care-giving professional in your daily routine. You may be highly independent already, or you may need assistance to establish the lifestyle you would like. Whatever your needs, we can provide flexible support that suits you.

Home Help Companions has over 10 years experience in working with people with physical disabilities and have worked with many other healthcare professionals and providers you may already have on your team. Our support begins by creating a detailed care plan based on your goals and needs. Some of our clients with a physical disability(s) only require a few hours of care per week, while others may need more weekly assistance. Whatever your needs, our flexible supportive services enable you to live your life how you would like.